When passion and purpose meet,
you’ll see the vision.

-- Stephanie Morris Nunn

We create fashion from the inspirations around us. From the smallest blade of grass to the towering skyscrapers surrounding us.

Stephanie Morris Nunn is a multi-award winning knitwear designer and CEO of The Nadira Collection. Consisting of individually crafted textiles with feel good fabrics, The Nadira Collection is sought out by fashion conscious women wishing to make a statement of class and sophistication.

Born with progressive degenerative myopia, Stephanie also works to bring awareness about the visually impaired community. She is a volunteer on the executive team for Prevent Blindness of Ohio and speaks to groups about vision loss, depression, engaging in the basic sensorial and having faith through it all.

Vision is not always from the sight, but from the insight.

That’s where I have my best vision.




Website Photography by Michael Lilly